what is bird netting

If you’re asking yourself what is bird spikes, well the answer is quite simple you see. Bird netting or also known as anti-bird netting is device for bird nest control. It actually is a net which is used for prevention of birds reaching certain areas. The nets are usually used to stop the birds destroying vegetables, fruit crops, seedlings, etc. They are pretty much affordable and they can help you with deterring the birds.

Bird netting comes in various models, shapes, sizes and forms, but the most commonly used among people is a small mesh made of polyethylene or polypropylene. Although bird netting should be black colored because the black UV inhibitor provides with the best solar rays’ protection, it comes in other colors such as white or green. Unlike the small mash, the other most commonly used bird netting is the professional bird netting available in jumbo rolls. This one is used by many farmers or agriculturalists due to its most considerable saving offerings. But, if you want to purchase bird netting or seagull spikesfor your garden in order to prevent birds from damaging your crops, you can easily find them in the local stores in small packages.

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